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The Hideaway Restaurant

Located in beautiful Uptown Sedona, AZ
Homemade and Delicious Italian Food


Original owners Marc Spector and Syri Hall have found 3 excellent Sedona locations, and will be re-opening soon. For updates click here to check out our Facebook page, or check back here!


Welcome to The Hideaway Restaurant

From charming Uptown Sedona walk into and experience The Hideaway Restaurant.  Upstairs or down the balconies are high over the rustic charm of Oak Creek Canyon with magnificent views from every patio seat.  The upper deck is at street level so it's handicapped accessible.  Bring your dog as our upper deck is canine friendly. 

Marvel over Snoopy Rock, a local mountain named for its resemblance to the Peanut's character Snoopy lying nose-up on his dog house.  Watch the many hummingbirds sip nectar from the balcony feeders.  Drowse by the creek as it winds through the tall cottonwood and distinctive sycamore trees. 

November 20, 2013

The Hideaway Restaurant Saga

My name is Marc Spector and since February of 1978 I have been the owner and operator of a small restaurant in Sedona Arizona called The Hideaway Restaurant.  That is, until Wednesday, November 6, 2013.  That day, my world changed, but more importantly, the worlds of my trusted Hideaway family, my coworkers, changed forever.

This is not my story, it is the story of my employees, many of which were with me for over 25 years.  I will adjust, I will survive, my family is all raised and doing well on their own.  My Hideaway family needs help, and I cannot help them.

The restaurant business is challenging to say the least, but we have survived for almost 36 years.  The main reason, looking back, is the faithfulness and reliability of the core group of dedicated employees at The Hideaway.  They carried the restaurant through thick and thin over these many years.  They have been suddenly left without employment, without retirement benefits, completely out in the cold.  It’s even worse with the holidays quickly approaching.

In 2009, a new building owner took over and invalidated our lease and promptly doubled our monthly lease amount.  That, as it turns out, was the beginning of the end.  We fought the hard fight, and even tried to purchase the building from him.  But, in the end, he turned out to be unreasonable and even though we offered his full asking amount, we were not able to meet his other demands.

What can be done to help my Hideaway family?

If you would like to own a small piece of The Hideaway, with all the proceeds going to the employees, you may now have a chance. 

Purchase a Hideaway Italian Dressing Mix with recipe for only $10.00.  It makes just short of a gallon of perfect Italian Dressing which is also great as a marinade on your chicken or steaks.

We also have the spice mix for our great Sicilian Sausage Soup and recipe for the same price of $10.00.  The spice may be also used to make your own sausage for many Italian dishes.

Last but not least, is our perfect Pasta Sauce mix and recipe for the same great price of $10.00 per spice mix bag.  Make your own sauce at home with our recipe and portion it our and freeze for future use.

All prices include tax and shipping to you home or business, within the continental United States.

All proceeds will go directly to my Hideaway Restaurant family who has supported me over these many years.


Marc Spector
Former Operator
The Hideaway Restaurant

Please choose the Amount and Type of Spice Mix you are planning to buy. Then adjust the actual Amount of bags to purchase in your Shopping Cart.
1 - 4 bags of Spice Mix @ $10 each
(Italian Dressing, Sausage Soup, or Pasta Sauce)
5 - 10 bags of Spice Mix @ $7.50 each
(Italian Dressing, Sausage Soup, or Pasta Sauce)
11 or more bags of Spice Mix @ $5.00 each
(Italian Dressing, Sausage Soup, or Pasta Sauce)

The Hideaway's wide-ranging Lunch Menu offers delicious deli and sub sandwiches, fresh salads including the "famous" Hideaway Anti-Pasto Salads, pasta and homemade pizza.  Children's menus are also available.

The Dinner Menu offers larger portions and even more variety:  from mouth-watering classic spaghetti's and baked pasta dishes, pizza and salads with homemade dressings to a variety of tempting vegetarian dishes.  Try some delicious homemade brownies ala mode, cakes or pies for dessert all made on the Hideaway premises.

In addition to lunch and dinner we are now including weddings, receptions, and rehearsal dinners to our venue.  You can have your wedding and reception all on one site with the beautiful red rocks as a backdrop.  Visit the Hideaway Restaurant...a truly family-owned restaurant and see why we can be a special part of your "Sedona Experience."

The Hideaway Restaurant - Voted 1 of the 10 Best Restaurants
in Northern Arizona by Arizona Highways Magazine
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